Here are some of the most asked questions and answers for YouTube backgrounds, layouts and themes.

Are Free Themes really free?

Yes, they are. Free YouTube themes are available by just clicking the “Download Theme” button below the theme preview.

How do I change my YouTube channel theme?

Go to your channel page and press ‘Edit Channel’, it’s in the top left corner. Then look under the appearance tab and you´ll see ‘Background’, choose file or remove current background and then upload the background that you want.

How do I download themes using the e-shop?

Click on a theme you would like to download. Below the image and description you will see a button “Add to Cart”. Click it and you will be directed to the shopping cart. At the shopping cart you can “Proceed to Checkout” or add more themes from the gallery.

At the checkout, enter your surname and last name (it can be bogus if you like), but you need access to the e-mail address that you enter. Press “Proceed to Confirmation” and a mail will be sent to you.

Head over to your mail and open our order message. In that mail you will see your download code. Go to our download page and enter your e-mail address and the code. Now you can download your theme that you downloaded for free, or bought for 1 dollar and 50 cents.

The theme I downloaded looks incorrect on my channel. Why?

It’s very important, when you download a theme, that you follow the theme settings that comes along with the background. If you don’t follow the theme settings properly, it will look horrible.

Why do you need my e-mail adress?

We don´t need your e-mail adress, but it is required by our system. Rest assured, we will never use your email adress without letting you know, and at this moment we keep your email adress safe and we will never share it or sell it to anyone.

If you still don´t trust us, use Mailinator as a temporary inbox to recieve our order e-mail with the download details.

How much are the shipping fees?

For free themes you don´t pay anything to gain access to it. The shipping for premium themes are zero as well, but we have set the price at 1 dollar and 50 cent so that the cost for paypal is covered.

How long does it take to deliver a theme?

Our themes are instanly available for download, both free and premium ones. After you filled in your information and confirmed your download/purchase you will get the details by email. Then you can download your choosen theme from our website.

I didn’t get a confirmation email, did my order go through?

Make sure that you enter a valid email adress that you have access to. Also check your spam inbox, otherwise contact us and we will help you.

Can I return or exchange a theme?

You can´t return or exchange an item once you have ordered it because of the nature of the product. Digitally made products is not like a physical thing which you can return, they are subject of reproduction which makes them harder to handle in such a case. Is there something that does not match or an error in a theme, then we will of course assist you to get what you ordered.

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