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New Splash Screen For Adobe Photoshop & Dreamweaver CS6

I just installed my copy of Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver CS6. So far everything is running smooth, I have been using the beta to create some of the latest YouTube channel themes, so I am quite
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New 2012 YouTube Template Background & Layout For All Screen Resolutions

Important Update – Max image height is 3 000 pixels, I have updated the template. Been quite a while since I made the last template for YouTube. This PSD file is updated for YouTube Channel
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Share Your YouTube Backgrounds Layouts and Themes With Free 2.25GB Online Storage

Dropbox is an online service which enables you to share your files with your friends. Let´s say you want to share your latest YouTube backgrounds layouts and themes with one or 1 000 friends of
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What is The Best Version of Chromium Web Browser?

If you’re not using Chromium or Google Chrome then you have something to look forward to. Because it’s the fastest and most pleasurable browser out there. You are probably using Firefox right now and you
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New YouTube Player Skin as of 2011-07-14 – Looks Awesome!

YouTube are redesigning a lot of things lately, one of those redesign projects include the YouTube player skin. For the record, the previous player was white and had a grey finish. Here’s how the new
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Youtube Template – Make Your Own Themes

We decided to give out our recent Youtube Template for free to those who reads our blog. You will need Photoshop to open the file because it’s a PSD. The file contains our layout and
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