Origins and Real-Life Equals in Street Fighter

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Street Fighter is about to reboot just months from now, in 2016. We’ve been fans since SF2. To celebrate the most mature, competitive and beautiful Street Fighter to date, here’s a run down of the fighters origin and todays real-lfe equals.

15. Sagat – Sagat Petchyindee (Muay Thai Champion)


Petchyindee is considered to be one of the best Muay Thai fighters. He is from Thailand and his first name is Sagat, just like Sagat in Street Fighter. Was he used as an inspriation for Street Fighter’s Sagat? Most likely. He has the same body type as Sagat in Street Fighter 2 too. However, SF Sagat has become more and more swoll with each new SF game, so his body type looks completely different now than the original.

14. Fei Long – Bruce Lee (Icon)


Another original fighter, on screen.

Yep, that’s him. A real-life equal today could be Erick Silva who is figting in UFC. His first fights in octagon was amazingly entertaining and he moves just like Lee in many ways. He then faced some tough opponants who put him through hell so he lost that magic touch, still my vote of Lee today.

13. M. Bison – Mike Tyson


This guy was made to be in a video game!

This one is so obvious that Capcom changed the name of all the bosses in Street Fighter. M.Bison became Balrog, Balrog became Vega, Vega became M. Bison. Wrap your head around that one!

12. Gouken – Sadhguru (Founder of Isha Foundation)


Sadhguru is a spiritual guru. Gu means darkness and ru means dispeller. So a guru is basically a person who provides insight and clarity to people who feel lost. He teaches people a technology that is called inner engineering so that you can become conscious enough to create and live the life that you want. He has a big following in India and his look and body type is very similar to Gouken in Street Fighter 4.

11. Blanka – Clay Guida (MMA Fighter)


Only thing missing is the electricity charges going off!

Clay Guida, looks and fights just like Blanka. Therefor he is todays real-life equal.

10. Dan – Steven Seagal (Actor)


Dan is funny take on Steven Seagal. Who is quite a figure himself.

9. Gen – Osho (Spiritual Author, Speaker & Leader)


Gen looks like Osho

Osho, or Rajneesh as he’s also called, is from India. Gen is chinese, but hey, this Rajneesh guy is way more interseting. He is a speaker of spiritualism and was popular in India and then moved to the US. There he started is own cult which drew in more than thousnads of people to live and stay there. He put women only in leader positions and the whole cult collapsed with about 700 people being food poisened in a nearby town who was against their new neighbors. You can view more about it here. A bit of a stretch with this one but still a funny connection given Osho’s appearance.

8. C. Viper – Angelina Jolie (Actress)


C. Jolie

Vipers look didn’t come as a surprise when I first saw her in SF4. It’s simple to see why Jolie is the origin of this character.

7. Oro – Da Vinci Drawing


It took me a while to get into SF3, and Oro really stood out as a character. Being a fan of Da Vinci, a painter who lived 500 years ago, I made the connection between this drawing and Oro. In-game he kind of remind me of Homer Simpson with his grey beard but in the pic above you can see the similarities. Oro is a very lovable character with his weird look and manners. To see him rendered in SFV would be amazing.

6. T. Hawk – Chief Bromden (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest)


T. Hawk’s might be the freak from the classic movie

This movie is a classic, perhaps with such width that the indian “cheif” as R.P. McMurphy calls him, is actually T. Hawk. They are two giant guys, looking and acting all wierd so why not?

5. Hugo – Leonardo Da Vinci Drawing


Hugo’s origin found in a sketch made by Leonardo Da Vinci

I don’t think anyone has made this connection before. While looking through the small portion of Da Vinci’s drawings that are publicly available, I found the sketch above. I saw Hugo immediately. And surely someone over at Capcom had done the same.

4. Dhalsim – Mahatma Gandhi (Leadership of Indian independence movement)


Dhalsim’s origin is Gandhi from India

Dhalsim’s unsual fighting style with elongated arms and legs is like Gandhi’s message of peace for all. Both are thin and meditative, and they use the elements of nature to their advantage.

Here we go! Top 3, this is gonna be good.

3. Ken – Benson Henderson (MMA Fighter)



Enlarge me!

Benson is an amazing fighter and very entertaing to watch. After many wins his path to the title in the UFC has been messy but he might get there in a year or so. That’s why he’s the real-life equal of Ken as a fighter today.

I was also amazed to find Joe Lewis as a blonde, red-pants-wearing karate championship master. Just look at him. That’s ken way before all of the renditions in SF. He too was just waiting to be in a video game. And damn, Capcom nailed it with this guy.

2. M.Bison – Adolf Hitler (Führer of Germany 1934 to 1945)


M. Bison’s origin is Adolf Hitler

Our favorite boss is based of a dictator who aimed for world domination. They don’t share the same origin which is quite necessary. That would be to obvious and hurtful to all german players. Instead Bison (Vega in Japan) comes from Thailand. Everything about these two guys are the same. One could argue though that, the real Adolf Hilter was just a front face figure by the Nazi regime. Bison however are all of the horrors in one package.

1. Ryu – Lyoto Machida (MMA Fighter)


Ryu’s real-life equal is Lyoto Machida

Machida has held a championship title in the UFC. He’s from Brazil but his dad is actually japanese. Lyoto also uses a karate fighting style which makes him uniquely different from others in the UFC roster. You cannot find anyone today who is as near Ryu’s characteristics than Lyoto Machida.

If you know any challengers to our list then post below, and if they’re good, we’ll add em.


  • random September 3, 2018

    Holy fuck, so many of these are WRONG and have been confirmed wrong by the developers themselves

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    Yaa some characters looks the same with real famous people in life. They have same common in talent and appearance.

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    sera muy dibertida