YouTube Gaming: Twitch-like Platform for Streaming Games

Published by JesterAugust 27, 2015Blog 4 Comments

YouTube have launched a seperate app/site for game streaming at Yep, another alternativ to Twitch with the recognizable YouTube media player.

When I first got on Twitch I thought this was the stupidest thng ever, but I find myself more and more infront of different streamer playing both old an new games. And the entertainment value is pretty high. Games are enjoyable in a lot of forms, streaming is one of them.

YouTube still offers live video but I guess it never catched on for gamers, and thats why we have this new site. I don’t think a lot of streamers who are already at the others sites will change to YouTube. Instead we´re probably going to discover new streamers as more people does it.

Now head on to and have a look at the current streams.


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