YouTube Gaming: Twitch-like Platform for Streaming Games

Published by JesterAugust 27, 2015Blog4 Comments

YouTube have launched a seperate app/site for game streaming at Yep, another alternativ to Twitch with the recognizable YouTube media player.

When I first got on Twitch I thought this was the stupidest thng ever, but I find myself more and more infront of different streamer playing both old an new games. And the entertainment value is pretty high. Games are enjoyable in a lot of forms, streaming is one of them.

YouTube still offers live video but I guess it never catched on for gamers, and thats why we have this new site. I don’t think a lot of streamers who are already at the others sites will change to YouTube. Instead weยดre probably going to discover new streamers as more people does it.

Now head on to and have a look at the current streams.


  • HaloCraft101 February 26, 2016

    Email me at and my youtube channel is just started and is called HaloCraft. again much thanks!

  • HaloCraft101 February 26, 2016

    Hey can someone create me a customized channel art banner for my youtube account? and i need a profile pic? thanks all!

  • nolan February 8, 2016

    how do i get a title

  • Tutorial Bank February 1, 2016

    give me cover please