Sexual Neuron Firing YouTube Channel Art

Published by JesterJuly 26, 2015Abstract, All YouTube Channel Arts
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When you look at this channel art, you might think it’s a cool image. But theres more to it than that.

  • First of all, why is this image called “sexual”
  • Secondly, where, if this image was taken as a photograph, would it be?
  • Thirdly, what meaning does the individual colors hold?

Colors are not just a part of light. It’s also a part of the human body (and all animals). The first, lowest color is red. It’s located at the middle of the body, right between the legs where the spine ends. Red is our root, base, and our quest for survivial which is where we start. And the red colors speaks of survival in indless forms.

What color comes next in the light spectrum? Orange! Orange is our second frequency of conscious operation. And the nature of that frequency is sexual. To be sexual is not just the sexual act itself. It’s all forms of procreation, knowledge for example is by nature sexual, because it merges and spawns “children” of new knowledge which in turns creates even newer knowledge. The same phenomenon happens in music, books, pictures and all other fields of life.

Now that you’ve got some background information about this image, lets continue further.

The black in the images is nothingness, simply empty space. The lines which randomly goes in all directions are thoughts which are also firing. Their color show what kind of thought it is. Green is denotes love, or, it’s dual opposite envy. So, the major thought in this picture is a sexual one which fires off and overpowers all others. Quite fitting given how it rules our behavior.

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