The Way of Colors YouTube Channel Art

Published by JesterDecember 14, 2014Abstract, All YouTube Channel Arts1 Comment
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This channel art is called the way of colors becuase the colors holds all of the questions and answers about ourselves. The colors are all made out of the same thing, which is light. We can see colors because we are colors. If we can understand what each color “say” and how they interact with other colors, then we can paint a picture of ourselves.

Which colors would you use? There´s a lot of blue in this channel art. The color blue is associated with the throat chakra, which we use to speak with, therefor blue, is a color of expression. Or to be more exact, the ability to express what´s inside oneself in an accurate way. It´s a basic but necessary need.

1 Comment

  • poppy July 20, 2015

    can anyone make a YouTube cover art cover art with a cartoon girl gamer with poppy Alexandra across the banner