Magic Pink YouTube Channel Art

Published by JesterJuly 27, 2014Abstract, All YouTube Channel Arts4 Comments
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Here is a refreshingly pink channel art for YouTube. It´s called pink magic becuase the color pink is in its nature connected to magical things. By magical things, I mean stuff that is worth living for and things that we want, need and dream of.

Drop a comment below of some magic things you have in mind and we´ll see if it my little theory on this color is correct or not.


  • Claire S June 15, 2015

    Could you please make one for my Youtube channel that says .X. Pink Leopard .X. and maybe add a leopard to it. That would be a great help to starting my channel. Thanks!

  • Sofia Surace September 4, 2014

    Could you please make one that says “Sophia Marie”. Its for my youtube background, that will be awesome. Thank you

  • Lauryn Mac August 20, 2014

    Could you please make me one that says Lauryn Mac and email it too me? That would help me out so much to start my channel! Thank you!

  • yasydoodles July 28, 2014

    Hey could you make one with the name “yasydoodles” across it and maybe put my brand/logo on it.
    Its my profile picture on youtube heres the link to my page so you can see it.
    If you could it would be great. :D