Gloomy YouTube Channel Art

Published by JesterJuly 19, 2014Abstract, All YouTube Channel Arts1 Comment
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This is a gloomy channel art, the gloomy stuff is what appears to look like mist or a blur effect. It is quite vibrante and pulled back so you can add whatever slogan or logo you want to the image. Pos your YouTube channel in the comments below if you create something nice. Enjoy!

1 Comment

  • ClancyKilling December 28, 2017

    lol I haven’t used this on Youtube yet but I can’t get over the fact that putting your username and some captions below it in white right in the smack middle of everything using Augustus as the font makes the whole thing look like a book cover or a movie poster ^_^

    thank you for this btw, whoever runs this website
    I’ll surely try to remember and notify you if I ever decide to make that Youtube channel of my dreams :)