Consciousness YouTube Channel Art

Published by JesterMay 4, 2014Abstract, All YouTube Channel Arts1 Comment
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Here´s another smashing channel art download featuring some incredible details. This time, the theme of this channel art is consciousness, which is illustrated by the ever expanding awareness through time and experience we all have (the white liight in the middle).

It (consciousness) emerged from a single point, billions of years ago and is now living in each and everyone of us, We are the universe and the universe is us. However, we´re being fooled to think otherwise because of some important and fundamental rules of life and our own role in it. But if we transcend our own limits of understanding, we can then truly live our lives however we want (half of the people you meet will never get that (part of the rule)). Enjoy this download!

1 Comment

  • Aneesa khwaj August 12, 2014

    I designed over it and went to use it for my channel art and you tube said it was to small?