Titanfall YouTube Channel Art

Published by JesterMarch 8, 2014All YouTube Channel Arts, Gaming4 Comments
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The wait is finally over! Titanfall will be in our hands in just a few days. If you like Call of Duty or Battlefield, then you will probably love this game. Titanfall is a little futuristic, though, because you can hop into a giant robot and control it. Enemies will be like ants when you control one of those. Anyway, download this channel art and use it if you plan to become famous on YouTube with new awesome footage of this game. Goodluck!


  • Cosai April 30, 2017

    this is a channel art making website so how do you put text on it

  • Iwanttea July 23, 2014

    I meant the Channel Art

    • Jester July 24, 2014

      Press the download channel art button.

  • Iwanttea July 23, 2014

    I can’t download the thing