New 2014 YouTube Channel Art Template Size

Published by JesterFebruary 9, 2014Blog18 Comments
Download Template zip103 KB - 65045 downloads

YouTube has changed the maximum image size from 2120 x 1192 pixels to 2560 x 1440 pixels.  Here you can download the latest channel art template with the new image size applied to the Photoshop document file (.psd).

The old file size is still an accepted upload by YouTube so you could keep using the old template if you wanted to, but they might change that any time.

I hope you enjoy the download, if you want inspiration on what your new channel art should look like then browse around here, we got plenty of channel arts by now, you should have a look.

Here are some of our categories:

Have fun!


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  • Glory June 1, 2018

    Fantastic, thank you very much for this. I’ve been looking for some good channel art for a long while, now!

  • Arslan Masoud March 18, 2018

    Thank you very much Sir i really appreciate your effort.

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  • MMOByte December 1, 2017

    Thank you very much for the theme! It’s beautiful! :)

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    Great theme.
    Thank you for providing this.

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  • Thank you so much bro :*

  • Cody April 11, 2015

    Hey, great, thanks, this was helpful.

  • Kurt Kirton February 20, 2015

    Thank you, guys. This sped up my design for a YouTube banner today.

  • Zelina February 4, 2015

    wow.. I got this in hand.And may thanks to make an updated version of art with proper dimensions.You rock

  • July 23, 2014

    thanks for share

  • Sharon June 5, 2014

    Thank you Jester, just what I was needing! It’s a Photoshop file, not a .jpeg or .gif, so if anyone needs a program to open it and edit it, I have links to download either Gimp or an old version of Photoshop, both free:

  • HG May 22, 2014

    That file is NOT a photo format like .jpeg or .gif I can’t open it!

  • Mary May 16, 2014


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