Black Ink YouTube Channel Art

Published by JesterJanuary 26, 2014Abstract, All YouTube Channel Arts5 Comments
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Here’s something different for you guys. I played around in Photoshop as I usually do and thought I had something cool going on. I hope you like what you see. If you do, feel free to download it, maybe add your username to it and upload to your YouTube channel. Enjoy everyone! Tomorrow I will make something more awesome, so stay tuned!


  • Maris Aylward March 28, 2015

    Love the textured wood graphic. Am I allowed to use it for YouTube channel art and in the future possibly still monetize videos? How should I credit the creator of the graphic? THanks!

  • HumbleMask March 24, 2015

    so is this art is free to use?

    • Jester March 25, 2015

      Sure is.

  • Seraephus April 4, 2014

    This is great! Thanks, it fits the mood for my Dark Souls channel perfectly! Can I modify this at all?

    • Jester April 4, 2014