YouTube’s New Web Design for 2014

Published by JesterDecember 19, 2013Blog1 Comment

When YouTube are working on a new layout, they let some users try it out first before they launch it. I got 4 screenshots here to show off YouTube’s new layout for 2014. The screenshot above is the new front page.

The New (Not Exactly) Channel Layout

youtube's new web design for 2014

The new channel looks the same, but they are now aligning the content into a white container. Outside of the container is a distinct gray color. This style is applied throughout the whole website. If you haven’t noticed yet, the new layout is now centered, instead of being aligned to the left. Finally!

youtube's new single web design for 2014

I haven’t noticed anything different while watching a video. No changes are made to the video player, except for when you hit the “large player” icon. See below.

youtube's new large player layout for 2014

When you click on the “large player” icon, the video pops out from the white container and is centered above it. I use the larger player often and have always been subconsciously pissed that it was aligned to the left. I love how they aligned it to the center.

Overall, there are no major changes to the design, just a few tweaks here and there. Note that this design is probably in beta stage, so it might not look exactly like this when they launch it. But I like what they have done so far.

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