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Published by JesterNovember 6, 2013All YouTube Channel Arts, Nature1 Comment
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Here’s your slice of reality visualized in this channel art download for YouTube. It features a cream colored background that fades into blue and shows a slight view of our reality. I think I wanted to illustrate our narrow point of view, especially in the wester world where we only belive in what we can see, touch and feel.

Did you for example know that, your thought are not really yours? Sure they only exist in your head at the moment you think the thought, but really, it’s you browsing “the real world”. You see, everything exists, and I mean everything, think about an atoms postion in the universe, that atoms position, if and when changed, creates a whole new “track” of the universe.

Just like your computer is connected to the internet to be able to browse different web pages, our thoughts exists not in our head but “online” in the “universe”. When we think, we browse different realities, some are impossible and some are very possible. But I’m sure people cannot differ the difference between the two, can you?

1 Comment

  • Amanda Wait January 3, 2014

    Another one I really like! Thx Jester. :)