Actraiser ‘Bloodpool’ YouTube Channel Art

Published by JesterNovember 7, 2013All YouTube Channel Arts, Gaming, Retro
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This channel art will take some people back a few years when SNES was the bomb! I think Actrasier was the first game I played on the SNES, and never have I played a game with such divine music before or after. Go ahead and download this if it awakens any memories, and spread the retro magic to the YouTube community.

Big thanks goes to SnesMaps because it was there I got this image from. The creator of that website have taken extensive screenshots of maps for all kinds of SNES games. It’s highly enjoyable to see entire maps of an old game that you played when you were a kid. Them chills…

Also, if you are open for new music, then give the Actrasier Soundtrack a listen. It’s pure magic.

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