Download Free Music from YouTube’s Audio Library

Published by JesterSeptember 28, 2013Blog3 Comments

A new feature just released by YouTube offers anyone, for free of charge, to download and use a library of audio clips. YouTube have released a similar feature before, but this time they do it right. The audio clips are actually full songs that are made by either historical musicians or brand new ones of so called stock audio clips. You will find Beethoven which is probably very fimiliar to a lot of you, or you will hear new tunes, which are made to serve as intro songs, or background audio.

You can browse, listen and download all of it from YouTube’s Audio Library. Please, keep in mind that you need to logged in to YouTube to enjoy this feature. Also, keep in mind that these songs are intended to be used within a video production, and not to be downloaded and spread elsewhere.

The quality of the audio is actually surprisingly good, there a ton of great songs and tunes. I’ll just sit back right here in the audio library enjoying these songs for a while… I advise you to do the same.