Soulfire YouTube Channel Art

Published by JesterAugust 11, 2013Abstract, All YouTube Channel Arts1 Comment
Soulfire YouTube Channel Art
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As I was playing football a fine summer day, I saw a very unique shaped cloud and decided to take a picture of it. In Photoshop (where all the magic happens) I started to Process of Making Soulfire Channel Artdistort the image to the point where the blue sky went black and the cloud transformed into a nebula. I then blended in different colors and created a starry background scene.

Who would’ve thought that a sky image could end up looking like this? Anyhow, if you like the result, then go ahead and download this channel art by hitting the blue button. Enjoy everyone!

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  • Xalse August 31, 2013

    Looks great! I’ll be using a modified version of this until I can get my own. Thanks!

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