New Features on YouTube with Profiles and Channel Arts

Published by JesterAugust 17, 2013Blog2 Comments

As I was browsing YouTube and listening to some music I naturally scrolled down to the comment section to read some. When I hovered over the authors name or profile picture a new box popped up. That new box included the profile pic, channel art, a short channel description and a link to Google Plus. Have a look at YTT’s box:


You can view your own by placing the pointer on your profile pic next to the comment box under any YouTube video. This is hopefully going to make people more engage with styling up their YouTube profile and as you probably know we have already a wide selection of channel arts that are free to donwload.

Some of my personal favorite channel arts are these:


  • Sudipto August 10, 2014

    This is a lovely feature to brand your youtube channel.

  • Pawneshwer Gupta January 14, 2014

    great feature for YouTube channel to describe about our channel