Call of Duty: Ghosts YouTube Channel Art

Published by JesterAugust 30, 2013All YouTube Channel Arts, Gaming7 Comments
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All credits goes to SuperSaeJang for doing a great job at “ghostifying” and adding more art to the original wallpaper. Call of Duty: Ghosts is coming out in november, 2013, so go ahead and download this CoD channel art and prepare yourselves for war!


  • OmegaSpartan November 13, 2013

    can u make a halo channel art

    • Jester November 13, 2013

      Already did, search for Halo and you´ll find it.

  • #DJ_Yolo November 2, 2013

    Thanx dude works a beast!

  • Thomas October 28, 2013

    it doesent work

    • Jester October 28, 2013

      Hit the blue download button and save the image. Then go to your YouTube channel and upload it.

  • lucas October 27, 2013

    dont work

    • Jester October 27, 2013

      It does work, press download channel art, it has been downloaded over 1500 times.