Man of Steel YouTube Channel Art

Published by JesterJune 9, 2013All YouTube Channel Arts, Movies4 Comments
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Who else is looking forward to Man of Steel, produced by the almighty Christopher Nolan? He’s the man behind the recent epic Batman movies, and now Superman! So here’s a YouTube Channel Art that I throwed together, enjoy!


  • sagar September 30, 2013

    awesome !

  • the delinquentses September 3, 2013

    Can you make a superman channel art with the S as a D. Please

    • Jester September 8, 2013

      We have no time to do that. Besides, do you even know how long that would actually take?

  • WamesPerson June 15, 2013

    Hey – Can you please make a super smash bros brawl channel art? My best friend would be very happy!!