Grand Theft Auto V Wallpaper & Youtube Channel Art

Published by JesterMay 9, 2013All YouTube Channel Arts, Gaming 2 Comments
Grand Theft Auto V Youtube Channel Art
Download Channel Art jpg851 kB - 19894 downloads

I saw the official GTA 5 box art today and thought i’d make my own with some of the released artwork. I decided to have the gaming guy in the center because I thought the whole situation is hilarious and spot-on in that image. I hope you guys like it! Download it, apply it and enjoy!

Grand Theft Auto V Wallpaper

Grand Theft Auto V Wallpaper

Download Channel Art jpg914 kB - 44788 downloads

I also did a big wallpaper version for everyone to use! It’s quite big, so you’ll have to scale down the wallpaper to fit your monitor size. Have fun!


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