YouTube Channel Art Template

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YouTube Channel Art Template
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YouTube is yet again deploying a new design for our channels. You can say goodbye to backgrounds, because with the new layout everyone will be able to upload a Channel Art design which is placed on top of your channel.

So I decided to make a clean and detailed template in order to make it easy and simple for you to adjust to the new change, which is coming in a few weeks. You can download the template now and start figuring out how you want it look. The zip contains a Photoshop file and a JPG. If you don’t have access to Photoshop then you can open the JPG in either Paint or Gimp and experiment there.

Here’s an example of how the new design looks with a channel art design.

Epic Meal Time

The team here at YourTubeTheme will of course produce all kinds of channel art designs in the near future, so bookmark us and stay tuned for free downloads! If you decide to download the template then my advice to you is: be creative, try to think outside the box and experiment! Good luck, YouTubers!


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