Sneak peek of what YouTube might look like in 2013

Published by JesterDecember 2, 2012Blog2 Comments

I had the luck of browsing in on YouTube while they were testing their new layout design some days ago. And as you can see from the screenshots, a few changes has been made from the current layout. It seems like they are going back to a white background with no texture and they have also moved the title of the video from above to below.

Notice the user avatar in the comments of the video, a nice addition if they keep it. There´s also a slightly more minimalistic design of the YouTube Flash player, the new does not have the bevel and emboss effect  on the control buttons like the current player has.

Clearly, this is just a sneak peak of their work in progress but still, it gives us a hint of what YouTube might look like in 2013. I didn´t see changes on any YouTube channel but that might come too. More customization is welcome now when everybody is locked in with the dull grey layout.


  • Anees December 13, 2015

    I need youtube

  • Pam Brossman March 13, 2013

    Well it looks like the new layout has arrived. I updated to the new layout this week and have to say I rather like it. Especially the new banner. It is very similar to facebook in the banner and I also like the way the template caters for all modalities it is now being viewed on. Having your social buttons and website url on the main channel banner is also very effective. I created a tutorial for those who don’t know how to edit the new Channel Cover Art that your readers may find useful.