Aladdin YouTube Channel Background, Layout & Theme

Published by JesterSeptember 18, 2012YouTube Themes
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I first watched Aladdin when I was a kid. This wekeend, I watched it another time and I´m impressed how good it still is. But of course it is, it´s a Disney movie and those films tend to be classics over time. There are some very funny moments in this film and the drama is nicely built up.

The stars of the show, Aladdin and Jasmine are of course at the top of this YouTube theme. Then the Genie and the city of Agrabah, below the Genie you´ve got Jafar and the silly Sultan who is under mind control. Further down, the Genie and the stonecutter can´t belive their eyes when Jasmine pretends to be in love witrh Jafar. Naturally, Jafar falls for it and looks very pleased. Jack Nicholson is at the bottom corner to the right, which is one among many persons the Genie impersonates. Watch this movie!

Background color: #0e0f23

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