Sacred Geometry YouTube Channel 3 Background, Layout & Theme

Published by JesterAugust 13, 2012YouTube Themes
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My search for knowledge is endless, once a student, always a student, remember that. As my search goes on I find keys here and there, and sacred geometry is definitely¬†a big key. So I have therefor created a YouTube theme to celebrate this discovery. You are probably wondering what sacred geometry is, let me explain it very briefly. Sacred geometry is the building blocks of our reality, damn it… I was going to explain it simply, I guess it’s not possible as you can see. I have just stumbled upon this subject so I am in no position to teach it to anyone.

Thanks to for Free Sacred Geometry Vector Pack which I used to create this YouTube background. Also, watch the two videos below for an introduction of sacred geometry.

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

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