Microsoft’s New Live Hotmail Webmail Called Outlook Released

Published by JesterAugust 1, 2012Blog1 Comment

I have previously written about how to keep your email secure, this time it’s all about the new Outlook from Microsoft. So if you have a or adress then you can go ahead and test the latest version of Microsoft’s web email client. Just visit to try it.

Get Your New adress

If your current email suck then you might want to hurry up and get your I aldready have my first name so I’ am going to pass this one. Hopefully your name is still untaken so you can go and claim it.

When you enter you will see a new email, enter it and you should see a link which takes you to the new email creations page. See the image below for extra guidance. is not older than a day so you should have a pretty good change to get a sweet email adress :)

1 Comment