Electric YouTube Channel 3.5 Background, Layout & Theme

Published by JesterApril 16, 2012YouTube Themes8 Comments
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I was browsing the site http://www.chromeexperiments.com/ which has a bunch of cool apps that run in Chrome, one of those programs rendered some sweet lines that I thought looked like electricity, so I decided to create a theme out of it. The results is shown above, if you like it you may use it on your YouTube channel because it´s free!


  • matt September 28, 2016

    how do you add it to youtube?

  • Sam September 13, 2016

    where can i see the download theme button

  • Peter June 24, 2013

    Can I use and modify that picture?
    I have already experimented with it on my computer and so on :)
    Thx for this awesome Theme! :)

    • Peter June 24, 2013

      Edit: It inspirated me to create my Version of it :)

      • Jester June 24, 2013

        Sure, no problem :)

  • Doble Voltaje November 3, 2012

    Awesome theme! Thank you so much!

  • keenyn April 30, 2012

    how do i download??????

    • Jester April 30, 2012

      Press “Download Theme” button :)