Twisted Metal PS3 YouTube Background, Layout & Theme

Published by JesterFebruary 16, 2012YouTube Themes1 Comment
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Twisted Metal for PS3 just got out and here is the background for you to download. It has been quite a while since I lasted played it and I did kicked some wheels with Spectre. There´s of course many other cools characters as Mr. Grimm (Biker), Sweet Thooth (Ice Creme Truck?) and darn… I can´t remember all the names. There is one called Grasshopper, there is a red Ferrari, and a police car. Please fill in on my failing memory in the comments below :) I am gonna be all over this game once I get my hands on it.

YouTube Download Instructions

You´ll get a .zip file which contains the image file which is used as the background. Then you´ll get a text file which contains all of the settings that you can apply to get the full look of the Twisted Metal PS3 theme. Have fun uploading vids on YouTube with this theme!

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