Share Your YouTube Backgrounds Layouts and Themes With Free 2.25GB Online Storage

Published by JesterNovember 12, 2011Blog

Dropbox is an online service which enables you to share your files with your friends. Let´s say you want to share your latest YouTube backgrounds layouts and themes with one or 1 000 friends of yours. With Dropbox you can do that right now and it´s really simple. Just sign up and install the app to your PC and/or phone to begin the fun of sharing. My primary use of Dropbox is to keep my working documents up to date without having to move around my files from my laptop to my main PC. It´s great when you need to send files to someone also.

Sign up Right Now – I Love It and I am Sure You Will Too – It´s Free

First you sign up with your name and email and you get 2.25GB of free storage with 10GB of data traffic each day for your public files. I use dropbox mainly to keep some of my text files synced between my desktop PC and my laptop, I like working on both and not have to worry about having the latest files or not. It´s really nice to have Dropbox take care of the technical part while I focus on doing my work.

Public Links Makes It Easy

So you´ve signed up and installed the application on your PC, time to share! Place your file, a .zip, .mov, .mp3 or whatever else you got in the public folder. Once there it will be uploaded to the Dropbox servers and you can right click your file and choose Dropbox > Coply Public Link. Once you´ve done that you can paste the link in a email or IM conversation to share your file!

Other Cool Uses of Dropbox Are

  • Hosting your own Avatar on websites
  • Send big (2GB) and small files to your friends
  • Keep your files organized and up-to-date on multiple computers
  • Gee, that´s about it, let me know more in the comments

Have fun with Dropbox!

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