Free: Earth and Sky YouTube Background, Layout & Theme

Published by JesterOctober 11, 2011YouTube Themes1 Comment
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In this theme I tried to grasp the roots of the earth and the beauty of the skies. As requested in the comments by a visitor, this theme, background and layout matches his blog design. Go ahead and download it, I am sure this theme will create more than one happy face. Next YouTube theme is aslo a request and is going to feature jumping ponys! Can you belive that? Yes, it’s true, go watch the comment yourself, two people asked for it, their wish is my command. Anyway, if you like this background then make sure you like YTT on FB and drop a comment on this post and I will be happy, it’s least you could do for this free theme, right? :) It’s not like I will bite your or anything… or will I? I’m not sure :D

1 Comment

  • Sam September 13, 2016

    How do I download it?