Free: Green Lanter YouTube Background, Layout & Theme

Published by JesterJuly 24, 2011YouTube Themes2 Comments
Download Theme zip250 KB - 1375 downloads

The summer as we know it is at it’s peak. It does not get better than this, so let’s embrace the summer on our YouTube Channels with this fantastic Green Lantern background. It’s a very simple layout with a green theme with some flavours of yellow and blue. It’s like a nice drink at the beach…. Enjoy! Oh btw if you wanna thank us for this theme then like us on FB, cya.


  • britt July 25, 2012

    So I can’t find anywhere on google, or your site that shows me how to install this correctly. I hit download, and up came a zip folder. Shouldn’t it have just automatically put this as my youtube theme after it downloads? I just did my tumblr dashboard theme, and I had to install a chrome app for that to work, do I need to do the same for youtube? :/

    • Jester July 26, 2012

      Britt, inside the zip folder you’ll find the background image which you can upload on your YouTube Channel.

      Next, go to your channel page and press “Edit Channel”, it’s in the top right corner. Then look at the alternatives and you´ll see “Appearance”, click on that and then click on “Choose file” and then upload the background image.