Youtube Template – Make Your Own Themes

Published by JesterJune 11, 2011Blog27 Comments
Download Theme zip17 MB - 25253 downloads

We decided to give out our recent Youtube Template for free to those who reads our blog. You will need Photoshop to open the file because it’s a PSD. The file contains our layout and a texture on it. The only thing you will have to provide is the background. Have fun while making your own Youtube background and try to freestyle by adding your name to it, etc.


  • Toro April 28, 2014

    one look around – two seconds later realised what mess this website is – three leave a comment – and four never come back!

    • Jester April 28, 2014

      There is no mess on this website, it´s just that most people don´t leave feedback when they´re happy. They post their problem and when it is solved for them, they go on with their day.

  • Morgan Ivory January 20, 2014

    Can your Finnish product open with iPad?

    • Jester January 20, 2014

      I don’t have an iPad, so I don’t know.

  • NINJAPI3CAT December 7, 2013

    HAHa, yes! it opened

  • Tyttyla September 10, 2013


  • sam August 18, 2013


    • Jester August 18, 2013

      Open it with WinRar, WinZip or 7-zip.

  • DutchGamezX November 10, 2012

    awesome <3

  • Strider November 3, 2012

    Tanks man! real good~

  • WHADDA July 8, 2012

    Hey,Why you guys say him/her “bro”.What if he/she is a girl.
    Thank you very much for giving this free.

    • Jester July 9, 2012

      It’s all good, I’m a guy so no problems!

    • Strider November 3, 2012

      Super awesome girls can be called bros. I got a friend thats a girl she’s my bro! lol

    • dfghjk December 23, 2012

      Bro is like dude. You’re a dude, she’s a dude, your mum is a dude, the pope is holy dude, president is mister dude, king/queen is your dudeness. Basic English, man!

  • rajesh sah May 8, 2012

    thnks for given this feedback…………

  • akhil April 23, 2012

    Thanks a lot bro……:-)

  • redes sociales February 22, 2012

    great, excelent theme

  • Jester December 11, 2011

    @Lifesterrx – Save it as .jpg then go to your channel, click “theme and colours”, then click on advanced options and If you look closely you’ll see an option where you can upload an image. I hope it helps.

  • Lifesterrx December 11, 2011

    o; What kind of file do you save it as? And how do you upload it?

  • Jester December 6, 2011

    @gegammi It’s a zip file containing a PSD file loaded with graphics. That’s why. :-)

  • gegammi December 5, 2011

    how the hell did you accomplished that the zip file has 17.2 mb ??

  • Jester November 28, 2011

    Thanks! We use large images on our themes so that they can fit larger monitors like 1680×1050. If you’re using a small monitor, you will most likely not be able to see the whole background. That’s the downside by using a small screen, you will not be able to experience the whole design.

  • YouKnowWho November 27, 2011

    Hey you guys,
    I love your website, but there are some problems. It could be my own stupidity or a mistake in your templates, I don’t know. :)
    Sometimes the images on your templates are too big so they are not visible on my channel. I downloaded one of the Mario backgrounds but Mario was outside the frame, if you know what I mean.

    Im just Dutch, so I hope my English is good enough for you to understand what I’m trying to tell you.

    • iKidForever June 6, 2012

      No, you English was very good. I couldn’t tell you weren’t an English speaker until you said you were Dutch. By the way I loved Amsterdam when I was there a few years ago.

    • Basil_eclcikers4ru July 2, 2012

      Hi! Dude your English was great! I didn’t even know you were a Dutch until you said it yourself. By the way I’m from the Philippines which means I’m a Filipino. I don’t if my English is good cause we don’t use English so much in the Philippines and that I just moved here a couple of months ago. So I’m not very fluent. Yet.

    • YourAKid? March 10, 2013

      That is because, the bigger templates are for the people in the ‘partner’ scheme, on YouTube Search ‘Partner Scheme’ and i’m sure a few use full videos will be at your assistance.

  • LPSZombie November 18, 2011

    How do I put on my channel on Youtube all those colors..? I tryed putting LPS a.k.a Littlest Pet Shops.. But, it was so hard so I couldn’t do it :/