Free: Battlefield 3 Theme, Background & Layout

Published by JesterMay 7, 2011YouTube Themes11 Comments
Download Theme zip170 KB - 13488 downloads

Battlefield 3 is soon here so I thought i’d make a crazy looking Youtube Layout for all the fans. This theme will make your Youtube channel look really awesome, so download it for free by clicking the big download button. Enjoy.

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  • cameron December 9, 2015

    yes this is fucking awsome

  • Worldbmx March 7, 2012

    Works great, Really good that the zip folder includes a .txt document with the text font and colours!

    Thank you!

  • Fredrik January 26, 2012

    Im not so good at this… how do i change the to the theme…

  • Robert January 22, 2012

    HEY GUYS a little tip open the “zip folder” go to the image. then drag it to your desktop. then it will upload it took me a second to find it out but i did so YES IT DOES WORK! thank you

  • guitarhero15 October 7, 2011

    amazing theme! thanks :)

  • TekniquGaming September 22, 2011

    I loved that the colour scheme was included in the download. Thank you very much! It looks great and saves me lots of time.

    • Jester September 22, 2011

      Great to hear! You´re very welcome :)

  • yt September 15, 2011

    Thanks ir relly works ;D

  • bf3 September 12, 2011

    it works great…

  • banana hammock August 31, 2011

    dosen’t work

    • Jester August 31, 2011

      This theme has over thousands downloads and it does not work? Ich don’t think so. However, sometimes YouTube don’t accept backgrounds for whatever reason. Try again at a later time.