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Hello YouTuber! If you are here to renew your YouTube channel with a fresh design, you’re at the right place. We have a wide selection of YouTube backgrounds, layouts & themes in different categories. Over 100 000+ YouTube users are using our themes so we must be doing something right. Have fun browsing!

Channel Arts from the Gallery

connections-youtube-channel-art Connections YouTube Channel Art

A cool channel art I made in After Effects using Trapcode. If you want to have it on your YouTube channel, then go ahead and download it. Good night, kids!

football-youtube-channel-art Football YouTube Channel Art

Here´s a great energetic channel art for everyone who´s into football. The summer and a whole lot of football playing is just around the corner so prepare yourself with this art piece. If you´re wondering
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And a Few More Channel Arts

spirituality- youtube-channel-art Spirituality YouTube Channel Art

This channel art is for anyone who dwelves deep into the spiritual side of humanity. All the rainbow’s colors exist within the human form and is expressed through our senses.

bodybuilding-youtube-channel-art Bodybuilding YouTube Channel Art

Here´s a downloadable, rough and tough channel art piece that you can go ahead and apply on your profile right now.

batman-arkham-knight-youtube-channel-art Batman Arkham Knight YouTube Channel Art

If you’re a Batman fan and are gonna play Arkham Knight then you might as well pimp your YouTube channel with this cool official artwork. Just hit the blue button to download it. Enjoy! :)

silver-armor-youtube-channel-art Silver Armor YouTube Channel Art

Here´s a light and fancy channel art ready for download. Features bright bluish/green colors with some geometry that blurs the background image to create some nice distance for the light to shine through.