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Welcome to the Source for Free & Professional YouTube Channel Arts

Hello YouTuber! If you are here to renew your YouTube channel with a fresh design, you’re at the right place. We have a wide selection of YouTube backgrounds, layouts & themes in different categories. Over 100 000+ YouTube users are using our themes so we must be doing something right. Have fun browsing!

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origins-and-real-life-equals-in-street-fighterOrigins and Real-Life Equals in Street Fighter

Street Figther is about to reboot just months from now, in 2016. We’ve been fans since SF2. To celebrate the most mature, competitive and beautiful Street Fighter to date, here’s a run down of the
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YouTube-Gaming-Twitch-like-Platform-for-Streaming-GamesYouTube Gaming: Twitch-like Platform for Streaming Games

YouTube have launched a seperate app/site for game streaming at Yep, another alternativ to Twitch with the recognizable YouTube media player. When I first got on Twitch I thought this was the stupidest thng
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new-youtube-video-player-design-for-2015New YouTube Video Player Design for 2015

If you visit TestTube, you can now activate and view all videos with the new video player for 2015. The new design offers some visual improvments but sadly also follows the “mobile first” trend where
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New-2014-YouTube-Channel-Art-Template-SizeNew 2014 YouTube Channel Art Template Size

YouTube has changed the maximum image size from 2120 x 1192 pixels to 2560 x 1440 pixels.  Here you can download the latest channel art template with the new image size applied to the Photoshop
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youtube's new front page design for 2014YouTube’s New Web Design for 2014

When YouTube are working on a new layout, they let some users try it out first before they launch it. I got 4 screenshots here to show off YouTube’s new layout for 2014. The screenshot
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