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Channel Arts from the Gallery

perfect-youtube-channel-art Perfect YouTube Channel Art Download

The perfect channel art is what you see before you. According to me at least. Use this channel art for a futuristic look or remix it yourself by having it as a background with some
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metal-gear-solid-v-youtube-channel-art Metal Gear Solid V YouTube Channel Art

The PC version of MGSV was finally released a day or so ago and I am all over it. If your a Snake fan then perhaps this one is for you. The game is a
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And a Few More Channel Arts

cold-mountain-youtube-channel-art Cold Mountain YouTube Channel Art

Here a winter cold mountain channel art made out of abstract lines, highlights and shadows. We´re currently in the darkest period during the year. But it´s not a long wait left until the darkness turns into
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the-way-of-colors-youtube-channel-art The Way of Colors YouTube Channel Art

This channel art is called the way of colors becuase the colors holds all of the questions and answers about ourselves. The colors are all made out of the same thing, which is light. We can
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golden-color-pattern-youtube-channel-art Golden Color Pattern YouTube Channel Art

This channel art got an old look, like a painted ceiling of some church or something. The colors are a tad faded, though the yellow is clearly present throughout the whole picture. The shape is a
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lizzard-youtube-channel-art Lizard YouTube Channel Art

This ‘lizard’ channel art is a combination of quite simple geometry and a green color tiling. It sweeps across the whole image and reminds me of the lizard brain, which all animal share as their
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