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Hello YouTuber! If you are here to renew your YouTube channel with a fresh design, you’re at the right place. We have a wide selection of YouTube backgrounds, layouts & themes in different categories. Over 100 000+ YouTube users are using our themes so we must be doing something right. Have fun browsing!

Channel Arts from the Gallery

trippy-youtube-channel-art Trippy YouTube Channel Art

If you want a trippy feel to your YouTube channel then I guess this is the one. Made it with Chaotica fractals and used a filter in Photoshop to give it a smudgy look. Enjoy
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techno-clouds-youtube-channel-art Techno Clouds YouTube Channel Art

Here’s a cool channel art I made by generating an abstract image from Chaotica and then distorting it in Photoshop using motion blurs and filters. It came out pretty sweet looking so here you go.
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And a Few More Channel Arts

violetta-youtube-channel-art Violetta YouTube Channel Art

This channel art is a really smooth looking one with a soft and curvy fractal shape. Should be a great background for a catchy slogan or channel name/logo as a complimentary layer on top.

glowing-lines-youtube-channel-art Glowing Lines YouTube Channel Art

A vibrant channel art with glowing lines ready for download. I picked light green and blue for this one.

the-order-1886-youtube-channel-art The Order: 1886 YouTube Channel Art

I watched the gameplay trailer for this game and it looks cool. It’s a single player adventure game, so if you’re looking for a game that you want to immerse yourself in, then I think
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battlefield-hardline-youtube-channel-art Battlefield Hardline YouTube Channel Art

Battlefield Hardline is not your traditional Battlefield game. This is something different. You will either play as a criminal trying to break into a cash filled vault and try to escape with all the money,
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